I don’t have Time!

I don’t have Time for nothing!


From second to second The pressurisy kept waiing I’m just expressing my dissatisfaction Howl, laugh, cry, I trow at everyon with empty words.

I don’t have Time for nothing!

That’s all I’m saying, to all those Who He call me, he name me And they just asking for a second No hours, no days Not hundreads of years!

I don’t have Time for nothing!

Not for love, Not for smiles, Not for hugs, even!

I don’t have Time, to have Time To see the sun that has risen, today!

I don’t have time! I say it! I know it! I’m too rushed! To go on the ideal time I’m afraid I’ll waste it And no one will give to me as a gift.

18 noiembrie 2021 Camelia Calin

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